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Affiliates & Local Partners

My affiliates and local community partners share my vision of excellence and professionalism.  I endorse them as the leading quality service providers in their fields within our community. Check them out and ask them about the perks and benefits of being a Perfect Mind Mental Performance client!

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Precision Fitness & Performance Centre (PFPC) is London, Ontario’s Premiere Sport Strength, Conditioning & Wellness Facility. With over 24 years of professional experience, PFPC opened its doors in March 2013, and has quickly become London’s top athlete performance centre. The PFPC team has worked with thousands of successful athletes from all sport backgrounds, including amateur, university, olympic and professional. PFPC specializes in the precise breakdown, analysis, and enhancement of body movements and mechanics. Utilizing advanced testing software and established, authenticated, testing procedures we are able to design and implement innovative, educational and purposeful programming for private, partner, small groups, and team settings.



1510 Woodcock St. - Unit #4

London - ON

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