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Who is this "Perfect Mind" guy?

Perfect? Me?? Far from it! Perfection is not even the goal. Constant self-improvent is! I have indeed been pursuing excellence in many different areas of my life for a long time now. And it all started with sports. But more importantly, I do believe I have figured out a way teach and empower others (a.k.a. YOU) on their own pursue of greatness. My own achievements (and my happy clients!) are evidence of that.

How, you ask? Using this killer combo:

+ years of competing as an athlete in individual and team sports

+ years of coaching experience in individual and team sports

+ years of studying to build a solid academic background

+ years of teaching in the classroom and at the gym

+ years of consulting individuals and groups/teams

+ years of perfecting theories, applying formulas, and learning from trial and error

= Perfect Mind Mental Performance

"Make sure you share this knowledge around!". I still remember these words said to me by my supervisor immediately after I presented and concluded my first Master's degree. After being my university professor, Dr. Natascha Wesch went on to become a mentor too. It took a bit of courage, but in trying to follow her advice (and footsteps), soon after graduation I started my sole proprietorship and began to formally provide mental performance consulting services to sports teams. I first volunteered for a boys high school basketball team whose coach is a close friend. Next, I took on my first paying client: a senior girls basketball team. They already were a very talented and close-knit group of teenage players who were always bound for greatness. They went on to win the provincial championship on the season we worked together (they probably would have won it regardless of my mental training though; they were that good!).

These successful experiences gave me the final boost of confidence I needed to realize that all those years as an athlete, a sports coach, a teacher, and as a student of the sport psychology field surely must have amounted to enough knowledge and experience to help others at it. This is how and why I, Gustavo "Guga" Ruthes, started Perfect Mind Mental Performance. My pursue of greatness was constant and in many different fields. I believe I have developed a way to systematically teach that to others. From achieving success in school, athletics, career, or in your personal life and relationships; I have read all about it and I have done it all myself. Now I can’t wait to share it with you because if I can do it, so can you!


Gustavo “Guga” Ruthes is the owner and mental performance consultant at Perfect Mind Mental Performance. He has the skills to help you achieve success due to his exceptional academic background, athletic, work, and life experiences. Gustavo won a few scholarships and awards as a university student-athlete, has competed internationally, and won provincial and national titles. Guga has coached for almost 20 years (including at the university level) and has almost 10 years of teaching experience at elementary and high school, college, and university. He also has international studying and work experiences on three continents and has worked for years with individuals of all ages within the fitness and wellness sectors prior to focusing on human behaviour, mental performance, and mental health.

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