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Unleash the POWER of your MIND by exercising it right.
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"I have always been passionate about mental performance and have applied it across several different areas of my life. As an athlete, I utilize mental performance strategies to improve my skills and better prepare for competitions. At school, these techniques allow me to apply the most efficient and effective ways to focus, study, and perform. Personally and professionally, I use these strategies to maximize my performance, energy levels, time management, confidence, and overall wellness. 

I have been studying human behaviour and the science behind brain power since 2005. I founded Perfect Mind Mental Performance in 2015 driven by a desire to share this knowledge with athletes, students, and business professionals so they can also achieve their goals in their respective fields by improving their performance through mental training."


- Gustavo Ruthes, Owner & Mental Performance Consultant

M.A.C.P.*, M.A., B.Sc., B.Ed. - OCT, CSPA(A)

*= In Progress

What is Mental Performance?

What is Mental Performance

Mental performance is a combination of principles, strategies, and techniques that allows individuals and groups to optimize performance and achieve success. This is accomplished by tapping into your full cognitive potential and emotional control skills. It encompasses what athletes and coaches call "sport psychology" and business professionals refer to as "executive coaching". In the end, we can all agree that success does not come down to one's luck. There is definitely a science and an art to it and high mental performance skills are a key "game-changing" component often overlooked.


Wherever your challenges lie, regardless of what field you are in, mental skills can be learned, practiced, and applied. By enhancing your mastery of mental performance strategies you will be able to excel. I can help you whether you are gearing up for a presentation or performance, an amateur or professional athlete looking to improve and build on your technical, physical, and tactical training, a student struggling with poor study habits, test anxiety, or a just regular person trying to get fit, lose weight, or learn a new language.


The pathway to reaching your goals consists of training your mind, this important "muscle" that dictates your behaviours, habits, and life outcomes. Come train with me for an easy to understand and apply science-based approach that is the result of my years of experience as an academic scholar, an international level athlete, a varsity collegiate coach, and a dynamic educator. 

Mental Performance Benefits

Mental Performance Matters


- Allows you to be the best version of yourself

- Improves your ability to deal with adversity

- Increases self-confidence and motivation

- Helps you establish healthier relationships

- Sparks self-growth


- Helps improve your athletic performance

- Develops your/your team's communication, teamwork, and team cohesion

- Gives you an edge over the competition

- Helps you overcome injuries

- Supports you in coping with valleys in performance


- Improves your study habits

- Allows you to reach your full academic potential

- Boosts your focus

- Enhances your time management and mental toughness

- Decreases test anxiety


- Enhances your presentation skills and ability to deliver in high pressure situations

- Improves job performance and satisfaction

- Helps you reach your career goals

- Develops your communication and leadership skills

- Increases productivity through better time management and focus

Services I Offer

Services - What I Do

How I Do It:

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Process - How I Do It